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Race & Health is determined to contribute to research that expands our understanding about racism, xenophobia, and discrimination's impact on health. As such, we conduct original research and academic contributions. Explore our research below, and learn more about the terms and definitions used in our work here.

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The Lancet Commission on racism and child health

We will pursue original research that builds on the health research exploring what is needed, what works, and what can be done. Taking a global approach, the Commission is comprised of experts diverse in thought, background, geographical expertise, institution, and more. We will also conduct additional public engagement activities to go beyond academia and provide these insights to community-based practitioners, young people, and more.

Featured Research:
Lancet Series on racism, xenophobia, discrimination and health

The Lancet Series covers the issues, solutions, and opportunities for the health community to tackle health inequity. . This Series examines how the historic systems and structures of power and oppression, and discriminatory ideologies have shaped policy and practice today, and are root causes of racial health inequities.

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