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The Lancet Commission on
Racism & Child Health

About the Commission

The relationship between our health, our identities, our environments, and the sociopolitical contexts we face are complex. Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination creates health inequties for minoritised communities. Children are not exempt from this process, yet more must be understood to parse apart these relationships so that we can promote their right to health.

The Lancet Commission on racism and child health seeks to do just that. Taking a global approach, our group is comprised of experts diverse in thought, background, geographical expertise, institution, and more. Learn more about our group below.

Our Team

The Commission's global team was selected establish a balanced representation of issue areas, identities, geographies, disciplines, expertise, and more.


Click below to learn more about who makes the Commission come to life.

DALL·E 2022-11-16 09.45_edited.jpg
Learn more about the Commissioner's journey to studying health equity.
Arianne Shahvisi

Senior Lecturer in Ethics at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Our Priorities


Study how racism, xenophobia and discrimination impact child health, including through interaction with other systems.


Assess interventions to improve child health at the structural, institutional, spatial and individual levels to combat racism, xenophobia and discrimination.


Take an intersectional, child-centred, and rights-based approach. 


Involve and empower children throughout the commission. 


Provide pathways for action and advocacy to eliminate health inequities for minoritised children.

This work receives support from
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