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Welcome to Issue 10 of Quarterly.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Read on for updates from our group!

Welcome back. This issue will explore how differences in health across racial and ethnic groups are not merely natural phenomena, but rather contextually imbued, institutionally facilitated, and sociopolitically reinforced factors. These themes are explored at depth in Paper 2 of our Lancet Series on racism, xenophobia, discrimination and health.

Many institutions are founded in discriminatory intent, be it colonialism or other brands of consolidating power. This not only creates the conditions for ill health in minoritised communities, but also reinforces a culture of discrimination whose effects span generations. To engage in this issue, we present interviews, popular culture reviews, and academic highlights to explore these themes, including perspectives on maternal health outcomes in Black women in the U.S by Dr Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, Prof Arline Geronimus’s concept of weathering, and Dr Yin Paradies’s take on how racism particularly impacts those at the brunt of colonialism, namely Indigenous groups around the world.

Explore Issue 10 of Quarterly:

We hope that you find this Quarterly engaging. If you want to learn more about our work around these themes, read the Lancet Series on racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and health, and follow us on social media. If you believe in the work we do, consider donating to our work.

Our Updates

July 2023 - Animation on children and migration in the U.K

In response to the UK Illegal Migration Bill, the International Child Health Group has produced an animation showcasing the voices of child migrants. As described by Stevens et al, “The Illegal Migration Bill will violate the rights of children seeking asylum, undermine the Children Act, create safeguarding risks, and exacerbate the toxic stress experienced by children seeking asylum who arrive in the UK by irregular routes. Read more on The Guardian.

July 2023 - New episode of the Race & Health Podcast

In addition to a new logo, we published our Series 2 finale: COP27 Reflections - Part 2. Check it out on your preferred streaming service, or on our website.

In this Series 2 finale, Envisioning Environmental Equity, we revisit interviews conducted at COP27. Part 2 of our COP27 Reflections is both a look back into the conference, and a review of the recent Bonn Climate Conference, and a look forward to COP28. Delan is joined by Sonora English, a Research Assistant at UCL and together, they process the perspectives of people from around the world as they hare their perspectives on the profound impact of climate change on public health and justice. Contributors include Maria Neria, Director of the Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health Department of the World Health Organization (WHO), Brazilian climate justice activists, Adriani Maffioletti, and more.


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