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Issue 9 - Theory to Practice

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

April 2023


Welcome to the first Quarterly of 2023. Over the past two years, Race & Health has been building momentum on our work. At the end of last year, we proudly released our Lancet Series on racism, xenophobia, discrimination and health. This release ignited a new portfolio of work that we are excited to share with our audiences throughout 2023 and beyond.

This year, Quarterly will focus on the Series, and exploring how work from the Series impacts the field of public health and global health. Each issue of Quarterly will focus on themes from a paper in the Series. This quarter, we are drawing from Paper 1: Racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and the determination of health at applying theory to practice.

You can read Paper 1 and the rest of the Series here.

If you believe in our work, we ask that you join us, support us and importantly, if you can, fund us.

Looking Back: New Article in The Lancet

New article on data, health information and disaggregation: "Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination: data disaggregation is a complex but crucial step to improving child health" by Delan Devakumar and colleagues. Read more about how data disaggregation can advance health equity for children, and why our collection methods must consider power and injustice to better respond to child health.

Coming Up

Spotlight: Interview with Angela Saini, Series contributor and author of Superior

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