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Issue 3: Extractivism

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Welcome back to the third Race & Health Quarterly. COVID-19 variants have now caused a resurgence in infections that threatens to overwhelm health systems and collapse economies, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Meanwhile the UK government has removed all restrictions before vaccination has been completed, a move that scientists and health professionals have billed as a ‘dangerous experiment’.

In this edition we focus on ‘extractivism’, a term coined by Latin American environmental activists to describe the extraction of natural resources by states and private companies. We explore the links between resource extraction, public health and the climate crisis in an interview with Arianne Shahvisi, while the activist spotlight introduces Chilean feminist and climate activist, Anita Peña Saavedra. We also look back at our recent podcast releases and share our reviews of academic publications related to the newsletter’s theme, as well as a selection of popular culture pieces.

We remain an unfunded organisation fighting for racial justice and ask that, if you believe in our work, you join us, support us and importantly, if you can, fund us.

Read Issue 3:

  • Pop Culture: Documentary and podcast reviews

  • Person Spotlight: Interview with Arianne Shahvisi: On Extractivism and Global Health

  • Person Spotlight: Anita Peña Saavedra

  • Commentary: The EZLN: Building a Base for Global Justice

  • Academic Highlights

Our Updates:

New Episode of the Race & Health Podcast!

Structural Racism

On this episode of the Race & Health Podcast we discuss the definitions and impact of structural racism with Dr Michelle Morse, Dr Rochelle Burgess, and Dr Kavian Kulasabanathan. Find your preferred listening platform here.

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