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11th Hour
Comic Series

What is the 11th Hour Comic Series?

The 11th Hour is a collection of comics that explores how climate change has impacted the health of minpeople in MAPA communities. These comics are co-created with community members, and reflects elements of personal experiences and accounts of climate change's impact on minoritised communities. Comics from each setting are unique in style and narrative.

The colleciton is a part of the Envisioning Environmental Equity project that seeks to explore and engage MAPA communities and health professionals about the unequal impact that climate change has on the health of minoritised communities.

Who created
the Series?

Comic development was overseen by EEE collaborators in Brazil, the Philippines, and Uganda.

EEE collaborators worked with young people from minoritised communities in MAPA contexts to explore how climate change impacted their health. Storylines were discussed in workshops with young people, and a local comic artist helped develop storylines into full comics that portrated young peoples' discussions. Comics were brought back to the participants to explore, confirm, and discuss after their completion.

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Comic development in the Philippines was led and facilitated by the University of São Paulo and partners.

In this short series, explore how unity, health and community serve as the heart of Quilombola communities' experiences with climate change and health in Brazil.

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Comic development in Uganda was led and facilitated by Climate Operation and partners.

The 11th Hour is a MAPA-inspired comic that follows two young activists as they try to stop landslides and flooding in Kasese, Western Uganda. The floods threaten a village close to their hearts, which has been severely damaged by floods in September 2022.

Readers will be transported to a fictional utopian future where young people from the global South may shatter the glass ceiling by actively utilising technology to promote and benefit their communities in resolving real-world issues. Readers will get a taste of what it's like to be an activist on the front lines.

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Comic development in the Philippines was led and facilitated by YACAP and partners.

Explore climate and health justice with three communities: Bulacan, San Roque, and Lupang Ramos. Each community represents unique experiences across farming, fishing, and urban communities.

May Buhay Sa Tubig

There is Life in the Water

Hangga't May Lupa

As Long As There's Land


Here With Us

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