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Environmental Equity

The Envisioning Environmental Equity Collaborative is a joint effort that seeks to raise awareness about climate and health justice using an anti-racist, anti-colonial approach to climate action. We use film, comics, podcasts, webinars, and more to explore this nexus. Our outputs are largely media-based with some workshopping, research, and webinars. We produce films, comics, podcasts, and community workshops to expand discussions around climate, health, and colonialism with young people in MAPA regions. We also produce original research and webinars for audiences who work in healthcare settings.

Climate change has been led by people in high-income countries, while the ‘most affected people and areas’ (MAPA) burden its consequences. EEE hopes to create climate and health work that centres racial justice, which means our efforts to reduce the negative impacts of climate change must be free from discrimination and anti-oppressive.

Who We Work With

Our focus is on young people from minoritised MAPA communities in Brazil, the Philippines and Uganda. While we work with mostly young people, our work includes different age groups and members of the health community more widely.

We are working with...

  • Quilombola communities in the Brazilian Amazon

  • Urban poor communities in Kampala and Manila

  • Rural communities across the Philippines

  • Internally displaced communities in rural Uganda

Using stories to create change.

Watch the collection on our YouTube channel.

Capturing climate and health using film

Storytelling is a powerful method to communicate the urgency of climate change, and humanise those most impacted. We made a docuseries about how this relationship not only manifests in minoritised communities across Brazil, the Philippines and Uganda, but will highlight the colonial roots of this crisis, and how political violence and exclusion shapes health outcomes in these communities. Films were made with young people from minoritised MAPA communities, and explore issues they face on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

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The 11th Hour is a collection of comics developed by young people in MAPA communities who face discrimination. Each story was developed throughout EEE by consulting young people about the challenges they face and their solutions for a better future. Panels were developed by local artists.

We use diverse forms of narrative to explore the complexities of climate change, discrimination and health.


The Race & Health Podcast, Series 2 focused on climate and health justice. We explored topics such as waste, air pollution, and mental health. Learn more about climate-related health inequities through the Race & Health Podcast!

Educator's Guide to Climate & Health Justice

Climate education has been led by the global North, and has been framed in ways that are unrelatable to many global South communities. To support discussions around climate change and health, we developed the Educator's Guide to Climate & Health Justice. This guide is designed for people who provide teaching services, whether it be in an institution, through a non-profit, activism or more. It is designed to support lesson development by providing key concepts, critical thinking questions, and class room culture recommendations.

The guide is not completed yet, but you can find a draft version of the guide here.

What is the Educator's Guide to Climate & Health Justice?

This guide is an adaptable educational tool designed to help educators curate lessons and engage classrooms in climate and health justice conversations. It is a collection of concepts, vocabulary, case studies, learning objectives, and class room practices that explores the nexus of climate and health justice. It takes an explicit anti-coloniality perspective, targeting power and colonialism as root causes of the climate crisis, and climate-related health inequities. Users can use this guide to inform their lessons and practice decolonial work.

Who is this guide for?

The guide is desined for educators and community organisers across institutions, non-profits, and activists who are interested in combining lessons in health justice and climate justice to help raise awareness about climate change in their communities.

Our Team

Climate Operation

Uganda_Transparent small.png

Climate Operation is a youth-led organisation that educates school-going children about the climate crisis and its intersection with other social issues. Climate Operation's vision is to make climate-based education fun, digestible and accessible to children in Uganda as well as connect them to nature through tree planting activities. Through this holistic approach, awareness about the climate crisis will be improved amongst young people.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 18.38.01.png

Alab Ayroso


Philippines Activity Lead

Jon Headshot.png

Jon Bonifacio


Philippines Activity Lead

Delan speaking.png

Delan Devakumar

Race & Health

Principal Investigator


Abi Deivanayagam

Race & Health

Research and Advocacy

Sonora headshot.jpg

Sonora English

Race & Health

Research and Operations


Ananda Galappatti


Sri Lanka Activity Lead

MH headshot.png

Mita Huq

Race & Health

Research and Operations

Rita Issa

Race & Health



Kaushi Jayawerdena


Sri Lanka Activity Lead

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 18.42.43.png

Hans Mulindwa

Climate Operation

Communications & Operations


Heizal Nagginda

Climate Operation

Uganda Activity Lead

Priscila Sato.JPG

Priscila Sato

University of São Paulo

Brazil Activity Lead

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 16.26.01.png

Sujitha Selvarajah

Race & Health

Chetna headshot.jpg

Chetna Sharma

Race & Health


Aloka Weerasekara


Sri Lanka Activity Lead

Our work is supported by the Wellcome Trust.

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