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Exchange Programme



Climate change has a profound impact on health, and these impacts fall disproportionately on communities that face racism, xenophobia, colonial violence, and environmental racism. This means the way forward must tackle structural violence in order to create meaningful climate action. Young people are the future of this movement, and can serve as powerful changemakers that promote innovative solutions to climate change.

The CHAI Exchange Programme is a Peer learning programme designed to support young peoples’ efforts towards the climate justice movement by way of health and racial justice.

With support by the World Making Beyond SOAS initiative, by Race & Health invites you to participate in our programme, to take a closer look at the human-centred dimension of this issue, collectively reflect, and apply your knowledge to create local change.

Join the programme

Our immersive peer learning programme is designed to expand your understanding of the intersection between climate change, health, and racial justice. The programme comprises of online learning seminars, co-working sessions, and dissemination events. As one of 20 participants, you'll have the opportunity to apply yourself through engaging discussions, reflections, and the creation of a final project that aligns with your priorities in the pursuit of justice and equity within the climate crisis. This could be a series of essays, poems, guidance document, priorities statement, campaign, and more.

Join us now and be part of a transformative experience that empowers you to lead change, advocate for justice, and build a sustainable future for all. Embrace this unique opportunity to make a difference, register today! This programme does not and will not have associated fees.

What you'll gain from CHAI

  • Peer learning and bonding activities with likeminded individuals, supporting you to develop and understand transnational solidarity.

  • Peer learning and bonding activities with likeminded individuals interested in racial, health and climate justice.

  • Experience developing a final project that mobilises your cohort's learning and priorities.

  • Experience identifying stakeholders and issues local to you and your cohort members.

  • Experience planning and implementing dissemination activities that mobilise your final project beyond reflection and into action.


This programme is closed for submission.

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