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Issue 8 - Reflections

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

December 2022


Welcome back to Quarterly. In these final weeks of 2022, join us for this summative Quarterly as we reflect on our year. From climate change, research, intervention design in global health, and education, we have proudly advanced a collection of work that the health community can equip in their journey towards an equitable, just future. Celebrate these accomplishments by checking out our reflections here.

Looking Back at Race & Health, 2022

The Lancet Series Launch Events

Our most recent and last events of 2022 were our Series launch events held in both London and São Paulo. These events welcomed our work in The Lancet's special issue: Advancing racial and ethnic equity in science, medicine, and global health. The event featured Race & Health founders Delan Devakumar and Sujitha Selvarajah, Series authors, and external speakers from the Wellcome Trust, University of São Paulo, The Lancet, and more. Speakers explored the impacts of racism, xenophobia and discrimination on health, introduced a new conceptual model, and discussed solutions relevant across public health. Check out the full event recording on our YouTube channel.


In November, Race & Health and friends went to Sharm El Sheikh to present on our work with the Envisioning Environmental Equity (EEE) Collaborative. We discussed the importance of justice in creating climate-resilient health systems and how to achieve them at our UNFCCC side event alongside AMREF Health and Centre for 21st Century Issues. We also represented in the Youth Pavilion, where we gathered young film makers from the health community in India, the Philippines and Uganda to discuss how film serves as an important medium to convey climate and health justice narratives.

The Race & Health Podcast

This year, we released Series 2 of the Race & Health Podcast containing seven new episodes. Latest episodes include Mental Health and Solastalgia with Land Body Ecologies and a Series Launch bonus episode featuring Sujitha from Race & Health, Tendayi Achiume, former rapporteur on racism at the UN, and Gideon Lasco, a physician and anthropologist from the University of the Philippines.

Founder Delan Devakumar continued his Global Health Lives series, recently featuring Dr Renzo Guinto and Mr Ananda Galapatti. These episodes trace issues related to colonialism, conflict, migration, xenophobia, and health.

Pop Culture: Comics and Documentaries about Climate change, racism and health in Brazil, the Philippines and Uganda

Person Spotlight: Reflecting on EEE with Heizal Nagginda at Climate Operation

Academic Highlights: Race & Health Edition

Commentary: Post-COP27 Reflections

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