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Issue 7 - Migration and South America

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

August 2022


Employment, access to healthcare, safety: these are three of many themes related to migration and health that Quarterly has so far explored this year. As we turn our attention to the Americas, we cannot deny the colonial and xenophobic influence that North American governments and immigration policies have had on the migrant experiences across Central and South America. Join us in this edition of Quarterly as we explore the state of migration in the Americas through the lens of discrimination and health with examples spanning from the notorious US-Mexico border, the Chilean Dream, and and the intersection of xenophobia and sexualisation in Peru.

New from Race & Health

New: Race & Health Podcast

Last Quarter, we released new episodes of the Race & Health Podcast. Learn more about how climate change impacts us unequally, and how justice in city planning, health system design, and legislation can alleviate the impact that climate change has on minoritised communities. Listen and subscribe here.

Air Pollution with Dr Anne Dorotheé Slovic, Ms Lilian Latinwo-Olajide and Dr Chetna Sharma.

This episode explores how unequal health outcomes for minoritised communities are influenced by air pollution.Touching on causes and sources of air pollution, city design, measurement and research, Dr Anne Dorotheé Slovic from the University of São Paulo, Ms Lilian Latinwo-Olajide from Impact on Urban Health, and Dr Chetna Sharma from Race & Health discuss how structural racism is a driving force behind these unequal outcomes, and what climate justice means for our climate action in this space.

Migration & Climate Change Dr Báltica Cabieses, Dr Maya Goodfellow and Dr Rita Issa

The relationship between climate change and migration is complex. In this episode of the R&H Podcast, we discuss these complexities from an anti-discrimination perspective. How does racism, xenophobia, and discrimination define health inequalities in migrant communities, when does migrant status matter, and what can the health community do about this? Explore these questions with our guests, Báltica Cabieses, Maya Goodfellow, and R&H rep, Rita Issa, who brings expertise about migrant access to healthcare, conceptualising the “climate migrant”, and the health inequalities migrants face amidst the climate crisis.

New Webinar Series:

Climate and health action are intrinsically intertwined. Discussions at the intersection of these topics are expanding, but without involving explicit ways that justice, anti-racism and decoloniality can be included in said discussions, future solutions will be unequipped to reduce the disproportionate health impacts that climate change has on minoritised communities.

If you are a health professional passionate about climate justice and health equity, join Race & Health over the next several months as we facilitate a professional webinar series that tackles how members of the health community can use justice-driven habits, methods, and strategies to combat climate change in their communities.

For updates about this webinar series, register your interest here. You can also follow up on Instagram and Twitter, or email us for more information at

Academic Highlights

Commentary: Shaping Transit: illustrations from work done with unaccompanied migrant minors

Pop Culture: Film and Podcast Reviews

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