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Minoritised populations experience disproportionately burden ill-health at the hands of racism. The Race & Health podcast explores this relationship by looking at how this effect manifests itself across diverse topics in public health and medicine. The podcast was created by and is affiliated with the Race & Health group, an organisation dedicated to combatting this effect. To better explore this relationship, join our host Dr Delan Devakumar as he speaks with activists, advocates, doctors, and more.

Produced by Mita Huq, Joohee Uhm, edited Sam Gomberg.


May 7, 2021

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In this episode of the R&H Podcast, our featured R&H representative, Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan and invited guest, Ms Bakita Kasadha, walks us through racism’s effect on treating and understanding HIV in the United Kingdom. Bakita draws from her experiences working with the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, WHO’s Global Validation Advisory Committee, and her writings for NAM aidsmap.

Together, we explore how racism suppresses the very process of health research and services designed to combat ill health; and how ultimately, pervasive issues of misrepresentation, stereotypes, and stigma stand between HIV care and those who need it.

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March 2, 2021

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Join host Dr Delan Devakumar and Race & Health collective member Dr Abi Deivanayagam in conversation with environmental justice advocate and Executive Director at Amazon Watch, Leila Salazar-Lopez, and Dr Sandra de Souza Hacon from the National School of Public Health at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation as we begin to understand the complex relationship between indigenous health in the Amazon, and the intertwined systems of meat, gold, racism, and deforestation.

In this episode, indigenous health and human rights takes centre stage in highlighted issues of deforestation and colonialism happening in the rapidly shrinking Amazon rainforest. This episode invites lessons from environmental justice and public health to inform our thinking about the interconnectedness of our actions, environmental racism, and indigenous health. We’ll touch on an array of topics such as individual purchasing, corporate responsibility, and the systems that shape health inequity in the Amazon.

For more information on deforestation in the Amazon and ways to stand up for indigenous rights, visit https://amazonwatch.org/.

Welcome to the Race & Health podcast

February 20, 2021

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About R&H: Our goal is to reduce the adverse effects of discrimination that lead to poor health. Race & Health is a collective of academics, artists,  activists, policy makers, grassroots organisations and individuals. We are a catalyst striving to achieve equitable health for all by investigating the impact of racism and discrimination on health and interventions that improve equitable wellbeing. Join us. Want to know more about our collective? Visit www.raceandhealth.org for more information.