Who we are

Race and Health is a network of academics, healthcare professionals, activists and other individuals from within and outside the medical and public health fields who want to highlight and tackle the impact of racism, xenophobia and discrimination on health.

We are committed to advocacy and education around race and health which is informed by, but goes beyond, research on these issues. We examine discrimination related to caste, colour, ethnicity/race, Indigeneity, migratory status, and religion.  We are an intersectional group, therefore we acknowledge how individuals and communities experience poor health due to multiple forms of discrimination such as transphobia, ableism, and others. We were founded, and continue to be led by a group of people who have been historically minoritised. While we welcome people of all backgrounds, we are committed to centering the narratives and perspectives of minoritised people. 

Why we exist

Racism, xenophobia and discrimination have a fundamental and powerful impact on health. Structural racism and discrimination in all areas of society lead to poor health outcomes even before people interact with the healthcare system. These systems of oppression have roots in the colonial origins of medical and global health research and practice. Health research has historically involved the exploitation of minoritised people, and fails to address their health needs in the present through their exclusion from research. Similarly, leadership and funding are yet to reflect minoritised voices globally. We must tackle health inequality resulting from discrimination in order to achieve equity in health for all. 

What we do 

Race & Health aims to redress the power imbalances in global health through research, education and advocacy. We currently have three strands of work:


  • Producing a seminal body of research to be published in The Lancet on the origins and impacts of racism, xenophobia and discrimination on health globally, and the interventions addressing this.


  • Creating and sharing resources on anti-racism and discrimination training in order to change how educational institutions at all levels teach the impacts of discrimination on health.

  • Highlighting the narratives of illness and disease presentation in minoritized groups.


  • Campaigning and lobbying for changes to national and international health policy. 

We invite you to use Race & Health as a space for collaboration and a platform for sharing experiences for members of the global community on issues of racism and xenophobia in health.