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Issue 1: Welcome to The Race & Health Quarterly. Race & Health is a network of academics, health


Welcome to The Race & Health Quarterly. Race & Health is a network of academics, healthcare professionals, activists and other individuals from within and outside the medical and public health fields who want to highlight and tackle the impact of racism, xenophobia and discrimination on health. It has been a heavy start to the year, with morbidity and mortality rising from COVID-19 globally. When we initially founded Race & Health, neither racial equity nor public health were in the public conscience. 2020 catapulted both of these central tenets of our collective into the mainstream, affecting our lives, minds and our loved ones across the world. Our work to address the effects of racism, xenophobia and discrimination on health has always been important, has always been needed, and the past year has only further reminded us of its necessity.

In our inaugural edition, we give an overview of our recent work, a glance at upcoming events from Race & Health, and reviews and summaries, from academia to popular culture. We are currently working on The Lancet series on Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination, and you can read our Lancet article here, in which we name racism as a public health crisis. We remain a completely unfunded organisation doing anti-racist work and we urge you to join us, support us, and importantly, fund us.

Read Issue 1 Now:

  • Commentary: Purposeful of Performative? On UCL, eugenics, and its apology

  • Commentary: Unpacking South Asian American representation with Netflix's Never Have I Ever

  • Pop Culture: Podcast reviews

  • Guest Comment: Lancet Migration Hands Up for Our Health coalition campaign

  • Academic Highlights


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